Need Internet WIFI Router/modem
My husband is a potter and he has started to take raku classes. One method of creating raku involves using horse hair to to create lines on the pottery. If you have access to the tail & mane hair of a horse, please let me know and I will come pick it up! Here is a bit of information on the technique: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_hair_raku
We need a small china cabinet and are able to pick up any time.
Hello!! My daughter has volunteered to teach ice skating to kids with special needs for the city. Anybody getting rid of a pair of skates, size 6.5 - 7? Any condition/shape/style is fine. It would be really appreciated!! Thank you all!
Would *love* 1, be psyched for 2, go nuts with happiness for 3 - for my arthritic pup, who can t bounce around nd on the concrete floors as he d like in the inclement weather, when we don t get out as much. Thanks!
Need Internet WIFI Router/Modem
Would anyone have a turkey baster they know they will not be using? I would gladly pick it up. Thanks.
Hi, I am looking for any Computers or Computer Parts. If you have a functional or non functional computer, I'd be happy to take it off your hands as I need one and might be able to repair it. As for the parts, I could use them to build my own computer. Even if you have something old I may be able to take it. Please email me at cupidyeababy@gmail.com Thanks so much! CC
I need a baster, it could be a turkey baster. If you have one you know you will not use, may I have it? Thanks you.
Looking for a chicken coop because I am thinking of starting to raise chickens in the spring. Thanks!
Just wondering if anyone has a sewing machine that works. Something you are not in need of anymore. Would be willing to throw a couple bucks into it as well. Thanks.
Hello! I'm looking for a bunk bed for my 5 year old. Doesn't have to be fancy, structurally sound and reasonably attractive will do. Trundle style, or full sized bottom or futon couch bottome are all fine too. Thanks so much! N
Looking for a small desk. Thanks.
Looking for some unwanted artwork. Anyone? Thanks.
Looking for an outdoor white porch rocker.
Looking for a white porch rocker for my outdoor area if anyone has one they are no longer using.
to use for seeds
looking for about a quart's worth of exterior black paint--- thanks in advance.
I'm in need of a iron for clothing--mine just died out on me!
Looking for small, working CD Player with speaker(s).
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