This is a half suit not full suit and a size 4 little kid. Worked for the kids around ages 2-4. It is TINY.
snow shoes. slide feet in. Pull straps tight.
4 horseshoes. 2 posts
kid sized
seeding supplies.
Home office desk; Commercial Grade take all or some. Sections are 60"x23" and 30"x23". corner section is 35.5"x 35.5" additional desk has 72" and 60" lengths. 3-draw cabinet on the right is not included. Large file 2-drawer cabinent is available. Another desk is also available as well as a matching table (72"x36"). The table is 50% wider than the desktops.
indoor bicycle trainer
Unique! Closet, drawers, cabinet and writing desk all in one! Cedar inside the closet part.
Free Home/House/Architecture magazines 43 issues of Dwell 2012-2016 8 issues of Atomic Ranch Random issues Design New England I could just recycle these, but if someone could use them, it would be nice.
42" wide, 29 1/2" high, 23 1/2 deep 38 1/2" high to top shelf, key board tray 11" deep. 12" deep storage shelf under desk.
Four Ceramic Halloween Decorative Bowls
Double sided turnable composter on base. Used, hosed out. I just bought a different style composter instead and don't need this one anymore.
I have a unique instrument called a ukeline.The ukeline is a bowed psaltery with zither strings made popular in the 1920s. It is meant to be a combination of the violin and the Hawaiian ukulele.. Would you be interested in it? Certainly some enterprising student could become the only know ukeline player around! I live in Porter Square.
This is a 1-foot abutilon dark red flower plant. My Plants are coming inside for the winter and I do not have room for this one. It is a good plant, but I just have too many. First to pick it up on Wednesday gets it.
three strings of plug in Halloween decorative lights. Pumpkins and spiders. I'm reducing my inventory :). Pick up in NUF. Thank you!
Samsung phone. Texting sticks a little.
tire is 26"x1.5
Used to have a coal conversion furnace. We have about 20 bags of coal. If you can use, and can come get it, you can have it.
I have a ton of back issues (not recent, not sure when but boxes worth)
25 Assembly work tables with Steel legs. One is assembled. Ready to move. Must take All of them at once. No exceptions. Have office furniture too - optional.
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